Goodbye March, Hello April.


Well this is my first monthly re-cap on the blog! While I've thought about doing these for a while, I'm not so sure why I'm just now starting one up. Laziness? Possiblyyy.

Nothing much new going on in life. I'm battling the age old process of acquiring loans for school. The process is much slower than expected, not counting the extra wait because my school's financial aid offices messed up some things when certifying my loans. It's a stressful process, so I'm just waiting and hoping everything clears up so I can sign up for my classes in the summer. Just three credits and I can get my degree! Being so close to the finish line makes things a little extra frustrating!!

This month I was a bit of a romance novel kick so no surprise it took up most of what I read this month. Confess and Captive were the only disappointing reads of this month, rating at 2.5/3 stars. Confess was especially disappointing because it was the first book from Colleen Hoover that I didn't outright enjoy. In contrast, my overall favorite is probably Finnikin of the Rock.

This. Show. It's probably the craziest and the most intense show I've had the experience of watching. Shonda Rhimes plays with my emotions so well. She has done it on other occasions (e.g. Grey's Anatomy). Fitz & Olivia kill me as much as (probably even more than) Meredith and Derek. I'm watching Season 4 right now so I'm close to catching up and after that I don't know what I'll do having to wait along with everyone else!!

April brings lots of exciting book releases and OUTLANDER IS COMING BACK!! Yet another show I am obsessed with. This hiatus has been sooo long. I'm also hoping to finally sign up for summer classes so I know for sure I will be finishing my credits! All this waiting in my life is simply torturous.

What are you looking forward to most in April?