About Me.

"Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people — people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book." - E. B. WHITE

Welcome! I'm Alysia and I'm twenty-two years old. Currently, I'm a senior in college going for a major in English Literature and a minor in Women's Studies. Outside blogging, I enjoy relaxing with my laptop, a book, or with friends. My dream career is to work in publishing in some form, the top choice being an editorial assistant. However, a job working with books in general would be wonderful considering there are many different options in the field, of sorts.

I've been reading books since I can remember, and it's an activity I shared with my little brother and my mom growing up. We all three read the Harry Potter books together. Good times! Reading has been such a constant in my life that it didn't really hit me that I could get a major or a career involving literature until I was actually applying for school and at a loss to what I wanted to study.

Book blogging has been something I've followed on and off for a couple years but I never had the courage to go forth and try it myself until April of 2014 and here I am! I started writing reviews and thoughts I had about the books I read on goodreads and it gradually gave me the courage to escalate to this. I'm hoping I can branch out to other creative things outside reviews and it will definitely be a challenging hobby. But I need a challenge. While I usually review a big majority of YA I really enjoy adult and new adult romances, as well as other forms of fiction.

Before August 2015, this blog was known as Fiction Addictions!! Originally I thought the name fit the blog well but I realized, on the chance that I expand more on the content here, the name was a bit restricting in representation of that content. So I thought on names for a while before Literaturesque came to me rather randomly. I thought about the meaning of -esque at the end of any word, and it's meaning of resemling of or similar to. To me, this shows that my blogs focus isn't just literature! And so I made the change!! Hope you enjoy the content here at Literaturesque!