Let's talk about: book snobbery.


Have you ever been reading and someone asks what book it is, and when they find out they turn their nose up at your choice? Or have simply encountered another fellow reader and then you begin to discuss the kinds of books you like and the moment you name some of your favorites they suddenly lose their enthusiasm to talk to another fellow reader? All because they find your tastes to be so horrible compared to them. It's something I've encountered on occasion. Not just with people day to day, but more specifically, people within my major (English Literature). Professors are more accepting of different kinds of literature than some of the students!

Whether it's young adult fiction, adult fiction, erotic romances, etc. Books that most don't consider to be the kind of literature that gets you to critically think and use those so called theories learned when reading the classics. I mean, of course, we all occasionally cringe at certain books and their hype (like fifty shades of grey maybe). But I don't judge them for liking erotica. Personally, I'd simply recommend them some titles I like better and leave it at that.

And I know, I know. Who cares what others think? But why turn your nose up at someones preferred type of Literature? Why not celebrate that you've found yet another person who loves to read, no matter if they want to read something as difficult as Shakespeare or something more fun such as Harry Potter. Or even if it's one of those steamy romance novels with the half naked man on front. Reading is something that should be celebrated by anyone and everyone considering it's importance. There are all these genre's created for all kinds of people and all kinds of tastes and interests and some stick to one type of fiction, then others go for them all. But we all have that one important thing in common: we enjoy spending our time reading. 

We may never understand why others read what they read, and we may even cringe at their choices. But at some point there seems a line that shouldn't be cross, or am I wrong? And am I wrong to expect differently? I'll never understand the appeal of non-fiction. Ever. But that's ok. And I occasionally like the classics as well as those typical romance novels. I just know that I'll always have joy for others who love to read, even if every book they love is one I will never enjoy. That joy is why I wanted to create my own book blog and why I'd love a career involving books. I appreciate that amongst book bloggers, I've not seen any sort of judgements for each others tastes. Yet, of course, considering my presences as one is new.

Have you ever had someone judged you harshly for your choice of books? Or do you have different opinions on the topic?