Ten Characters...Who Make The Best of Friends


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We all want that special friend or group of friends who stick by us through thick and thin; ones that are there to support our every decision, good and bad. They make life interesting and you know that even when you annoy the hell out of each other they still have your back when things go south. Here are some characters who will do just that for the ones they love like crazy.

Reagan was not having anyones shit when it came to Dee and the media trying to trash her image. She'd prefer her own damaged reputation over Dee's anyday. Dee is just as beautiful loyal and loving as Reagan is closed off and distrustful. But these two girls love each other to infinity and they don't second guess the trust and the bond they have together.

Talk about loyalty. This is a guy who will put your happiness above a lot of things. Really, a lot. If you get Ridge to love you whether as a friend or a something more he's gonna stick by your side until the day you die. 

Nina can be very temperamental and first to start a confrontation if you sass her but when she loves you, she'll beat someones ass protecting you even if she secretly wants to beat yours herself. Just don't be too sensitive to her insults; she loves you. Promise.

When you have Kenji's loyalty, you have his wisdom. He's smart as hell when it comes to most things and if you're having a moment of insanity he'll mentally (or literally) slap you back into reality before telling you why you need to chill out and grow up. (Plus I love him. A lot.)

Cassidy will look past your flaws, the mistakes you've made, and the shitty things you do to keep people from putting any hope in you. He'll keep your secrets, give you his forgiveness, and you won't find him talking shit about you when you've got your back turned. He's sweeter than candy.

Sydney will protect you until it's no longer possibly, and she'll turn her back on her old prejudices and the prejudice of her kind to help you in any way she can. This says a lot, because there is much at risk when she gives you her all.

They don't just make great best friends, but they are each others best friends. They'll risk their vampiric powers to save you from dying and leaving them. These are two friends who are closer than most can possibly be and they don't drive each other too crazy.

If you call her in need, she's there and ready to get things done even if she's never left the safety of her hometown before. She'll fight creatures she never knew existed and she'll make alliances with the scary and sexy Jericho Barrons. Just know you'll owe her a hell of a lot after she's done.


Are there any friendships or loyal friends in books you enjoy most?


  1. Aww I love this! And for the books I've read, I agree wholeheartedly -Dee and Reagan, Rose and Lissa, Sydney, Kenji - all wonderful picks! I am reading What I Thought Was True right now and Cassidy keeps growing on me! Great list!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    1. Ahh Cassidy was just so sweet <3 Hope you enjoy the book!

  2. Dee and Reagan, for sure! I would love to have a friendship like them!

    1. Absolutely, definitely one of the very best friendships I've read in a while!

  3. I have WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE and plan to read it soon, and OPEN ROAD SUMMER is on my TBR list. I can't wait to see these friendships!

    The friendships in books I've enjoyed the most are Karou & Zuz (from DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE) and Emma and Dexter (from ONE DAY).

    My TTT