The Busy Week Ahead and Some New Possibilities.


No discussion post or deep thoughts this week...or last week. Why, one might wonder (or not)?

Finals week, a.k.a the week of hell. Exaggeration much? But that's how it feels! I always write my reviews/do any meme posts a week ahead and I decided to just go ahead and post those for last week and this week. So I want to save any discussions for when my brain is working again because I'm about to go a little insane due to the final paper for my Renaissance Drama class. It has to be at least 15 pages and that professor has high expectations that leave me super intimidated. Next I have a 7 paged final paper for Women Writers, and I just finished writing a 10 pager for that same class. So. Much. Paper writing. Thankfully, my final essay in Feminist Foundations only needs to be like, 500 words. Bless my professors soul. To end finals week on a lighter note, my Creative Writing class is going to meet at the local coffee shop during our exam time and do readings of our work or works from others we enjoy and relax. I'm looking forward to that!

Then last week was Thanksgiving of course, and I decided to take that week to spend with my family since I hadn't seen them before I left for school back in August. I was also an unashamed lazy person that entire week because lets be real, who does any school work during the breaks we have when we go back home or travel somewhere? That's a challenge I'm not going to accept. No thanks.

I'm also thinking about adding some recurring posts discussing/rambling about television shows or other forms of obsessions outside of reading. I find myself acquiring a big list of things I want to watch, things I am watching, or things I watch then stop before finishing. For example, I've yet to get past season two of Scandal. I love the hell out of that show but it's taking me the longest to try to catch up because I'm not the best at binge watching. However, I did really well keeping up weekly with some kdramas that ended a couple of months ago, like It's Okay That's Love (This one was perfection and so damn funny, I want to re-watch it) and Fated To Love You (Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk costarring together is my favorite thing to happen in this world). I also watch anime occasionally, but I'm only watching Psycho Pass 2 right now and I'm behind, so I need to catch up again before it ends. Maybe blogging about this will spur me into completing things? We'll see.

Anyways, enough of me rambling, I seem to do a lot of it for someone who is typically a lot more quiet in person. Farewell, I will be back to posting on December 16th!

- Alysia

How has everyone else's week been so far?