The Struggle of Leaving a Hiatus Behind


It's definitely been a while since I last posted. I hadn't planned on being gone for so long but life has a way of changing your plans for you.

Originally, I knew I wouldn't be doing any posting through the month of June because my summer classes had begun and the work load for my online classes were going to be intense because I was doing 12 weeks worth of learning in 6 week courses. These classes were also the last ones left before I finished my 120 credits so I wanted to make sure I focused on the work enough to succeed. Despite some misgivings in the beginning I did really well, better than I let myself hope I would. And the 6 weeks went by fast, while also dragging a bit. Overall, now the only thing I have left to do is solve some financial aid problems so I can officially pay off the rest of my tuition.

After finishing, though, it turns out I wasn't quite ready to return to blogging. Partly, because I started having some troubles with my anxiety. Since my grandmother's passing at the end of January, it has started to get the better of me, especially when I think about the future and how my life is going to go with all the changes that have happened this year. Change is often the catalyst of my anxiety, and it's been more severe these past few months than it ever was before. And when that happens, I start to avoid things, and my blog was one of them. But here I am, trying to work myself back into the swing of posting. However, I'll probably not post my typical 3-4 posts a week schedule as before, just to help keep things more relaxed.

I'm also thinking about a name change. While I thought Fiction Addictions was a clever name (and it's not a bad one), I've never been fully satisfied with it. Especially because I've seen one or two other blogs with similar versions. However, changing names is a big thing, so I've thought on possibly choices for a while now. Not to mention I'm not that good at coming up with interesting names so I definitely needed to take some time to come up with one I really like. The top choice, currently, is changing to Literaturesque.

It's simple and I connect with it more than I do with my current one. Since the use of -esque means "in style of" or "resembling" it better encompasses the fact that this blog, while the focus is on books, it will also (hopefully) have additional content to change things up. Such as sporadic personal update posts like these, posts about dramas (occasionally I need someplace to fangirl for the ones that get me emotional), music, anime, manga, and possibly other topics! 

Above is the possible header for the blog if I make the change! Nothing too different in style. So with this info, I ask if you mind sharing your thoughts or opinions? Even knowing it will ultimately be my choice, I would definitely appreciate some feedback.

How has everybody been?