The Bravery In Blogging


I have to admit, I'm not the bravest person. I would much rather taker the safer route in any task if it's an option that is given. I have never been proud of this fact so when I manage to get the guts and challenge the instinct that goes for safety, I'm not afraid to admit I feel pretty freaking proud of myself for doing it.

I think deciding to start a blog is one of those brave moments I'm proud of. Especially since I spent almost a year with the faintest of contemplation about taking that step, no matter how clueless I was to what exactly I wanted to do beyond focusing on books. I just didn't feel worthy. But I put aside those fears. And even having tackled the goal of starting a blog, I've noticed that there are ways that bravery is continuously being put to use in the role of blogger. 

We Put Ourselves Out There -
That's essentially what I believe, all of us as bloggers do. We are taking the plunge and putting ourselves on the radar for the audience that is attracted for whatever it is we decide to blog about. It's like taking the risk of starting a business knowing that essentially there is a possibility that things may not go the way I would expect or want it to. I don't know if I'd say everyone was scared of failing, depending on what one's ultimate goals are. Will a blog become popular and attract a big audience quickly? Maybe, maybe not. But with blogging  of course, there should be more but that's a whole other topic. Still, we're taking the risk of people seeing our blogs and deciding, do I want to stay and continue to view this content or is it not for me? Some may stay, and some may move on. I think the positive thing about that (at least for me) is those who decide to go stay anonymous. It's not like someone is coming up to my faces and telling me they don't like me so they don't want to be friends! 

Making Contact With Authors & Other Bloggers -
Our contact with authors! Not just officially, when we review their books or request blog interviews, and do blog tours. But through twitter, through any simple social means. We share our passion for books and connect about a broad subject of things on twitter with authors of books we read, whether it be debut authors or veterans in their crafts. Even with those who work in publishing. It's wonderful to see the friendships that bloom between fellow bloggers and authors of books through a shared passion and love for stories. And it's another way of putting ourselves out there, in the friendships we build and attempt to maintain. 

Then, Eventual Attempt At Reaching Out Publishers - 
Then there is the next step of taking the plunge: requesting arcs. Not all choose this option but for those who do, there is definitely a bout of nerves and a use of being brave in the beginning, or even continuously. This is another way in which we risk a sort of rejection because those who decide where to send arcs are working to best promote their books, not so much for us and how bad we might really want to read a certain book and promote our possible love of it. And as a blog grows, then one attempts again, instead of giving up under the fear of not feeling worthy. 

And while I took the first step in risking my pride and starting a blog, I'm still attempting to work through my instincts in other ways, especially in communication. Communicating with other bloggers, with authors, in many ways. Heck, I'm challenging that bravery when I do discussion posts! I'll always have that little voice telling me that my opinions or thoughts are probably just silly. And when I use the little creativity I feel I have. But the challenges are fun. They don't leave me stressed or worried too much. Looking at blogging this way is part of how I continuously try to take things further and do my best, while also telling myself it's a hobby and something I shouldn't take so seriously that it affects me!

Do you feel as if you continuously push to be brave as a blogger? Or do you feel differently? In what way?